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About the PTSA

Centreville High School's Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers to provide valuable support, services, and programs to the CVHS community.  Since 1988, the PTSA has worked to promote the welfare of our students in our homes, school, and community.  Research shows that parents need to be partners in their children's education, from pre-school right up through the high school years.  At Centreville High School, the PTSA is working to serve as that essential link to keep you in touch and informed about our school.  Centreville High School's PTSA is a local unit of the National PTA and Virginia PTA and a member of the Fairfax County Council of PTAs.

PTSA Programs & Projects

These are just some of the programs and services the PTSA sponsors or supports for the Centreville High School community.
PTSA After-Grad
An all-night drug- and alcohol-free celebration for seniors; held the night of graduation
PTSA Scholarships for graduating seniors

VAPTA Scholarship

VAPTA Citizenship Essay Contest

Education grants
Grants for teachers and academic departments to support professional development and special projects
Fundraising Projects
These projects support PTSA programs and special projects to benefit the school.  Major fundraisers include the Mulch Sale (which supports the All-Night Graduation Project) and the No-Fuss Fundraiser.
Hospitality for teachers and staff appreciation programs, such as the Back-to-School Teacher Breakfast, and for student recognition programs, such as Honor Roll receptions.
Liaisons with advocacy groups for minority affairs and special education, Liberty Middle School, FCPS advisory committees, and regional and state PTA organizations.
Monthly meetings
Our General Membership meetings are open to all parents, with reports from the principal and discussions of current issues and projects.
Special Presentations
Presentations and forums on issues of interest to parents
Volunteer Opportunities
Encourages parents' active involvement in CVHS and PTSA projects and event, and volunteer email to let parents know about the range of volunteer options on a regular basis
www.CentrevillePTSA.org - a clearinghouse of information and resources for parents, teachers, and students
Wildcat Weekly
The PTSA's email newsletter delivered directly to your email inbox every week.  Please email Ami Schroder at wildcatweekly87@gmail.com with the subject line "Subscribe to Wildcat Weekly."

PTSA Leadership

Elected officers and appointed Executive Board members provide leadership for the PTSA.  The PTSA Nominating Committee presents a slate of officers to the PTSA in April and an election is held at the PTSA meeting in May.  Officers may serve three consecutive one-year terms.  The PTSA President appoints committee chairs and other Board members.  Currently, PTSA officers include the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice-President, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary.


Click on the CONTACT US link at the top to see the 2018-2019 Executive Board.

PTSA Meetings

The PTSA usually meets on the third Tuesday of every monthMeetings are held in the CVHS Library at 7:00pm.  Meetings are informal but structured, and generally last about one hour.  For a detailed schedule of meetings, please go to the Home page.

Join the PTSA

We encourage all parents, students, and staff in the Centreville High School community to join the PTSA and be part of our efforts.  Membership costs just $20 for parents and $10 for students and staff.  Each membership includes a FREE copy of the student directory.  Membership forms can be downloaded using the links below.

                     Parent/Student Membership Form            Faculty/Staff Membership Form

Volunteer for the PTSA

Your time and energy are essential to the success of PTSA and CVHS.  In addition, volunteering is a great way to meet other parents and get more involved in our school.  Volunteers serve on committees and advisory groups, work in school offices, provide hospitality for school functions, get the PTSA newsletter out, sell ads for the student directory, organize special programs, chaperone student events, and more.  Volunteers are always needed for long-term, short-term, and one-time-only projects.  To make it easy to find volunteer opportunities that fit your interests and schedule, we send out regular emails with news of volunteer needs.  Remember, every PTSA volunteer is a busy parent, just like you.  To volunteer, please send an email to Robin Costanza at [email protected].

Support the PTSA

The PTSA relies on memberships and fundraising to fund its many programs and projects throughout the year.  Our "No-Fuss Fundraising" eliminates the fuss.  Send a check, take a tax deduction, and enjoy the knowledge that you're supporting many special activities that benefit our students, teachers, and school.  They deserve it!  

Click here for the 2018-2019 No-Fuss Fundraising form.